Black Friday 2016


It’s Black Friday in the U.S. and while it is not officially a holiday it no longer seems to be something just for them. Over the past decade, other countries such as the U.K. France, and even India have copied the same sales pitch to boost increase in sales.

The good thing about a digital Black Friday sale is that you don’t have to cue up at your local store, get trampled over as the store door opens or fight with other customers wanting the last item.

e-Commerce stores can offer you digital items quickly with none of the Black Friday madness.

I’m celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so I am super excited to offer you a huge 75% discount on both of my WooCommerce extensions for the next 4 days only.

  1. WooCommerce Match Box
  2. WooCommerce Mix and Match Discount

Use the following code at checkout to take advantage of this deal:


But be sure to get in quick! Sale ends on Monday the 28th of November at 11:59:59PM (GMT +1 hr).

Author: Sébastien Dumont

I provide custom WordPress services and developments for WordPress Plugins and Themes including WooCommerce.