WordPress Plugins Up For Adoption

UPDATE: All Jigoshop plugins have been adopted by Jigoshop.

I have decided to clean out plugins that I have stopped maintaining. A few need updating while others need to be re-written from scratch.

They were popular back in the day when I released them initially but I have moved on to many other projects since then and had completely forgotten about them. I am sure they can be great again in the right hands. If you are interested in any of these plugins then please do get in touch.

As I want to move these over to someone else as fast as possible it will be first come first served but I would like to read why you want to adopt them and what plans you have to maintain them in the long run. I look forward to reading your proposals.

Plugins up for Adoption

Jigoshop Photos Product Tab

Description: Extends Jigoshop to allow you to display all images attached to a product in a new tab on the single product page.

Reason for Adoption: No longer develop for Jigoshop as I prefer WooCommerce.

Jigoshop Video Product Tab

Description: Extends Jigoshop to allow you to add a Video to the Product page via additional product tab, allowing your customers to view the video you embedded.

Reason for Adoption: No longer develop for Jigoshop as I prefer WooCommerce.

Welcome Buddy

Description: Welcome your new buddies to your social network with a welcome email along with their login credentials.

Reason for Adoption: Originally build for a client, this was my first and only contribution that I have made to BuddyPress. Since BuddyPress now has a new email system built in, this plugin is broken due to similar function names. I’m sure someone who has experience with BuddyPress more would be able to get this working again with no problems. It’s also an email that is still not part of the core of BuddyPress so there is potential.

WooThemes Framework Identifier

Description: Displays version of WooThemes Framework in Right Now dashboard widget. If an update is available a link to the framework update page is displayed and the version that is available from WooThemes.

Reason for Adoption: Have not used a WooThemes theme in a long time except for Storefront but that does not have the WooThemes framework.

WP E-Commerce Right Now

Description: Displays the current months sales, transactions and more on the dashboard. Requires WP Shopping Cart plugin by Instinct Entertainment.

Reason for Adoption: Not used WP E-Commerce for a very longtime. If this feature is built into the core of the plugin now then let me know and I will delete it instead.

Author: Sébastien Dumont

I provide custom WordPress services and developments for WordPress Plugins and Themes including WooCommerce.