WooCommerce Match Box

If you already have WooCommerce Mix ‘n Match Products extension, then this is the next step up in presenting your products to your customers.

WooCommerce Match Box - Example - Woo Apparel

With WooCommerce Match Box the standard Mix and Match table layout is replaced with a full-width responsive grid layout. It disables the sidebar to use the full-width of the page to present your products and provide you a few extras.

In replacement of the sidebar, a container grid and selection counter is presented. The container grid displays based on the amount of items your customer is allowed to add. As the customer adds an item it fills up by highlighting one of the blank items on the grid.

The selection counter adds up how many items the customer has added to the container.

As an added bonus that the original extension does not provide, if you have "Per-Item Pricing" enabled, each item will display it's own individual price allowing the customer see just how much they are adding.

WooCommerce Match Box - Example with Per Item Pricing - Woo Apparel

Please note: This extension only changes the appearance on the single product page for Mix and Match products.

The templates can also be overridden in your theme the same way as all WooCommerce templates should you need to apply any modifications.

No licence is required and no subscription. Just pay once and get unlimited support and *free updates. When you have the plugin installed, simply activate it and it's **ready.

Suggested Price: 99.00  Set Price

Recent Changelog

Version - 1.0.1 Beta 1

  • Corrected a bug that prevented customers from selecting products if the container size was not enforced.
  • Added CSS to disable text highlighting in the match box area.
  • Improved the templates.

Terms and Conditions

*Support will be provided via email.

** This extension was developed and tested using the Storefront theme. The appearance of the grid layout may appear slightly different in other themes so some additional CSS adjustments may be required on your end when using this extension.