WooCommerce Mix and Match Discount

Extends the WooCommerce Mix and Match Products plugin to allow you to apply a fixed or percentage discount either per item or on the total amount of the container.


No licence is required and no subscriptions. Just pay once and get unlimited support and *free updates.

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  1. Once the plugin is activated. Go to the Mix and Match tab in the product meta box.
  2. The meta box will display three discount fields.
  3. Set the discount type and discount amount as you desire.
  4. As an optional setting, you can set the minimum items required to be added to the container before the discount is applied.
  5. Update the product.

Version - 1.0.0 Beta


In order to use the extension, you will need the following:

  1. WooCommerce version 2.3 or newer
  2. WooCommerce Mix and Match Products version 1.1.6 or newer.

Terms and Conditions

*Support will be provided via email.