I help myself by developing tools and experiment ideas that I think are just simply awesome and I like to share them with you.

The tools page showcases a selection of my past and current open source coding projects that I have developed. I think that these projects are important because they give us a better use of our time to complete tasks, make us better developers and lets us benefit from in everything that we do with WordPress.

All open source projects here are projects you can contribute to and you can find them all on my GitHub profile.

Just Do It

A Gruntfile.js and package.json template ready to copy into your WordPress plugin projects. Just configure your package.json file to your requirement needs and your good to go.

GitHub to

I have produced three bash scripts that allows you to deploy a release, update the plugin readme.txt file and update the plugin asset files. All are open-source and freely available for you to use. They are also built for all experience levels.

You are also welcome to contribute any bug errors and improvements.

Attachment Slugs for WordPress

Enables you to add an attachment slug allowing the attachment posts to have it’s own URL structure. This makes the URLs more friendly and great for SEO results should you decide to index your attachment pages.

WP Offload S3 - Filter Image File Types

Filters WP Offload S3 created by Delicious Brains Inc by stopping images from uploading to your S3 bucket.

This is great for those who are wanting better SEO Image search results as the images will be loading from your site and not from your S3 bucket.

Users by Date Registered

This simple plugin allows you to filter your users by date registered. A new column also displays the date the user registered on your WordPress site.

Plugins Site Menu Link

This is an extremely simple plugin that just adds a link to the Plugins management page to the site’s toolbar admin menu, creating a nice little shortcut to plugins.php when on the front end of your site.