Most of my work consists mainly of WordPress plugins which you can view from my portfolio. Here you can view the sites I have developed and designed. Some use plugins I built for them. If you’d like me to help you do amazing things with WordPress then get in touch.

Alice Castle

Alice is a well established book author who already has 3 successful books and a fourth on the way. She needed a new simple site to advertise her books and the coming books she releases over time providing a little preview of the books, about the author as well as allowing fans to sign up to her newsletter.

Using WooCommerce, Storefront, Storefront Powerpack and WPEngine for her hosting, I setup and designed a simple catalog for her books externally linking the books selling on and connected her social networks.

No design was given or required. The only key requirements were that the site had to be clean, light, responsive and provided Alice with a site that was easy to manage and customise to her needs when she needed it.

Allen Wholesale Foods


Allen Wholesale Foods wanted to expand their customer experience by allowing customers to subscribe on a monthly basis on all their products at the same time allow them to choose the period that they receive the food with a discount.

My job was to enable and setup the options along with some modifications to their COD payment gateway to allow manual subscriptions to be created.

They also wish to display seperate terms and conditions in a popup should the customer select any of the subscription options available on the product.

Fútbol Papa


Fútbol Papa provides a unique perspective on fútbol-football-soccer-futebol. Papa, a life-long fan of the beautiful game, grew up abroad and was an international youth player (see black and white masthead photo at right) who played in tournaments in Europe (Spain) and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru).

Using WooCommerce, my task was to setup a simple blog site that allowed Papa to provide his content to club members who subscribed to the site, connect his social feeds and customise the header of Storefront to his specific layout with the use of Storefront Powerpack and adding new modules to the designer not yet provided.

SEO, Stripe Payment Gateway was also setup along with the JetPack Premium (Business) package.

Rubber Ducky Regatta

Mobile’s first-ever Rubber Ducky Regatta with 5,000 rubber duckies into the Mobile River at Cooper Riverside Park. The “adopted” duckies will race to the finish line and the lucky ducky’s adopted will receive the grand prize of a Carnival Cruise for two.

Using WooCommerce, my task was to build a plugin that would provide the ticket numbers to the adopters once the order was completed. The tickets would be assigned from a list of 5,000 in order and remove the ticket number from the list once assigned. The amount of tickets also had to be given based on the quantity added to the cart and how many the package offered ranging from 1, 5, 12 and 25 tickets.

The tickets would be added to the order email they receive and available in their account via the website.

The ticket numbers also had to be added back to the avaialble ticket list should the adopter wish to cancel their order and ask for a refund so that the ticket number could be used again.


Remy LogoRémy connects you to neighbors and friends making home cooked meals. A community, order online, and pick your food up directly from loving cooks near you.

My task was to design a site that was welcoming and easy to manage using a page builder for the authors of the site and a dashboard for the cooks to manage the meals they are cooking for the community to order.

The site is invitation only if you wish to order so an invitation from another member in your area who us using the site is required. Cooks can register themselves and when approved is then able to add meals for the community to order.

To achieve this a custom dashboard was created to allow meals to be created as products using WooCommerce and the Product Vendors extension. The meals (products) are assigned to the cook who posted them building a profile for the community to view other meals they have added that are available and meals they have cooked in the past.

The cook provides the details of the meal, how many they can prepare, how much it will cost, where to pick-up and when.

Camp Wander

Camp Wander provides a natural living with essential oils and herbal healing salves.

My task was to install the WooCommerce Match Box extension and add new features as well as building a new extension to enable a discount to be applied either per item or on the container if a minimum amount of items have been added to the container.

Both extensions require the use of WooCommerce Mix `n Match Products extension.

Discover Paul

Paul needed a music website developed that was simple and clean, SEO setup and pages created ready for him to fill in with his content and an e-commerce store that easy to manage.

We went with a pre-made theme called Huesos, used Yoast SEO and WooCommerce.

I setup the WordPress theme and WooCommerce, added his products, setup payment and tested before finally setting up Yoast SEO. With the built in Video post type the theme provided I entered his videos.After I demonstrated how to add and edit the pages and products and how to maintain his site.

After I finished the site, I demonstrated to Paul how to add and edit the pages, products and videos and how to maintain his site.