Hi, I’m Sébastien Dumont
WordPress Developer specializing in API’s

Making it easy to decouple WooCommerce. 🛒

I found Seb after following his contributions to the WordPress community. I was impressed with his commitment to a variety of projects, and passion for enhancing WordPress.

Seb joined Pragmatic to work on a MVP for a plugin. We were impressed with how quickly Seb onboarded and started solving some of the tricky challenges we faced. Seb was committed and always showed fast progress. Seb showed strong problem solving and development skills, and was able to work in a self-contained manner, leading his own work.

We were able to get a finished proof of concept, that was well tested completed in a very quick time frame. This was a fantastic win for the agency and our client. Seb is a very useful person to call on, and I’m sure we’ll engage with him again!

Tom Chute