About Me

Hello reader.

Thank you for stopping by on my site. Here you will find my latest projects which are available on Github and WordPress.org. My plugins have been downloaded over 130,000 times. I hope that you like the work that I do for both the WordPress community and WooCommerce community.

You can also read testimonials from clients that I have worked with.

I do my best to be social when I am not working and in my spare time, I like to play games, watch TV (mostly anime) or read comics (sometimes manga) to unwind.

I also like to support projects that I see that have potential and can be of use to me which you can also support provided by the affiliate links in the sidebar.

I’m currently working on a plugin for blogs called Auto Load Next Post.

If you are looking to hire me, first please check my availability status at the top right-hand corner of the sidebar. You can find my contact information at the bottom of my homepage.

If you just want to say hello or want to make an enquiry about my work you can do that too.

I will look forward to hearing from you.


Sébastien Dumont.