Developer, gamer and all-round nerd guy.

Sébastien Dumont · I’m not French

Since 2007, I’ve been using WordPress. I first started using it as a blog for random things while learning PHP.

By around 2011, I started building various scripts and tools to help automate or extend WordPress. A few got released as free plugins.

While designing is not my strong suite I can put together an easy to use form or UI for visual control should I need.

I have experimented launching WordPress products and services but failed. From those failures I have gained the experience on what not to do and improve on what I know works.

Previously, I was a freelancer taking various jobs mostly in the eCommerce space. From that my knowledge and experience with eCommerce grew and over the past few years my focus has turned towards headless eCommerce with WooCommerce.

I’m currently developing a product called CoCart which is a customizable REST-API to help developers build an eCommerce store using their favourite frameworks that they know and love.

It currently has over 1,700 active installs and has been downloaded over 60,000 times. It’s currently the best-in-class REST-API for making any WooCommerce store go headless.

In all, building experiences around the REST-API is what I do.

WordPress has made me succeed in pushing boundaries as a developer — it’s freeing knowing you can do anything with it. And I hope my work will one day be a success online for the long haul.

My active projects: