About Me

Hi. My name is Sébastien Dumont, a freelance WordPress and WooCommerce developer. I develop plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. I also build websites on WordPress for clients.

I like to create tools and experiments for WordPress that you can freely download from my WordPress.org or on my GitHub profiles. You are welcome to donate a small contribution for the work via each plugins product page.

My plugins have been downloaded over 140,000 times so far according to WordPress.org stats. Maybe more if I were to count the amount of downloads from GitHub.

I wear a lot of hats theses days from product manager, developer and product support. I take pride in my work and always learn to improve as each product evolves. The same with the tools that I use to make them.

Over the years learning WordPress I have taken on smaller clients, some with big projects who have kindly allowed me to share the work for others to use. Such work as WooCommerce Subscription Shortcodes, a new way of presenting product information for subscription products. Each shortcode provides only the product information needed which can be placed anywhere on your site.

I have also worked with other WordPress companies such as MailPoet developing their range of add-ons to support other well known plugins. All are free and can be found on WordPress.org or via their add-ons page within their plugin.

You can read the many testimonials I have received from clients that I have worked with all with high remarks for the work that I have done for them.

I also like to support projects that have potential and can be of use to me or my clients. Most of them you will find are related to WooCommerce. I currently enjoy contributing to an experimental plugin called WooCommerce Subscribe All the Things with Prospress and SomewhereWarm. I have also written an extension for it to enable additional features.

I’m currently working on a plugin for blogs called Auto Load Next Post. It’s a free plugin that increases your sites page views by keeping the visitor reading your posts one after another. This boosts your SEO page results because it means your site is interesting which search engines acknowledge and love.

I’m also working on a lightweight jQuery script for handling REST API requests.

If you are looking to hire me, first please check my availability status at the top right-hand corner of the sidebar. If you also just want to say hello or want to make an enquiry about my work you can do that too.

Thanks for reading.