• Full-stack web developer
  • Sébastien Dumont
  • United Kingdom
  • Email: mailme (at) sebastiendumont.com

Technical Skills

HTML, CSS, SCSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, SQL, WordPress, WooCommerce, Multisite, Headless, Gutenberg, Git, GitHub, Jira, Trello, Composer, GruntJS, Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack, English

Career Summary

Worked in the web development space for more than two decades, focusing on providing solutions for clients and customers alike that are deeply customizable but also very easy to use.

I’ve tackled challenges were others have failed many times where my out-the-box thinking has even taken prototype projects to fully developed products in no time at all.

I’m a self-taught web developer. Since 2007, I’ve been using WordPress to build websites and currently developing a WordPress plugin called CoCart that allows you to build fast and flexible headless stores using a developer-friendly and customizable REST API for WooCommerce.


Platform API Lead Developer – Perfect Checkout, Inc
United States, Remote
Nov 2021 – Dec 2023

  • Developed and optimised a REST API to perform fast for a single page checkout experience built with React.
  • Developed API’s that handled are internal infrastructure for the platform that were not readily available within
  • WordPress.
  • Extended support for WooCommerce merchants by helping customers connect to the service.
  • Implemented support for the merchants dashboard via WordPress to sync with the platform’s application.
  • I’ve also been “Project Manager” for a few months organising the team’s priority tasks day to day, reviewing code and auditing.

WordPress Developer – Pragmatic
United Kingdom, Remote
October 2019

  • Took a proof of concept into a fully fledged product.
  • Solved key areas of technical complexity for the Gutenberg block editor of WordPress.
  • Supported the ability to monetize all or partial web content.

Project: https://wordpress.org/plugins/coil-web-monetization/

We brought Sébastien in to work on a contract basis on a WordPress plugin project for us, due to his extensive experience in this area. My experience of working with Seb has been fantastic. He quickly came to understand the requirements and specific challenges of our project, and the particular priorities for us in terms of delivery timescales. He worked on a proof of concept, testing out key areas of technical complexity, but the plugin code he developed ended up being much closer to the fully fledged product than we’d been anticipating. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sébastien to anyone for any WordPress development projects, and hope to work with him myself again in the future.

Gareth Jenkinsart

I found Seb after following his contributions to the WordPress community. I was impressed with his commitment to a variety of projects, and passion for enhancing WordPress.

Seb joined Pragmatic to work on a MVP for a plugin. We were impressed with how quickly Seb onboarded and started solving some of the tricky challenges we faced. Seb was committed and always showed fast progress. Seb showed strong problem solving and development skills, and was able to work in a self-contained manner, leading his own work.

We were able to get a finished proof of concept, that was well tested completed in a very quick time frame. This was a fantastic win for the agency and our client. Seb is a very useful person to call on, and I’m sure we’ll engage with him again!

Tom Chute

WordPress Contractor – Codeable
United Kingdom, Remote
Mar 2015 – Oct 2018

Web Designer and WordPress Developer – Remy
United States, Remote
Jan 2016 – Mar 2016

  • Designed and developed an easy to use cooking ordering service with WooCommerce that sell meals to the local community.

WordPress Developer – Koreaboo
San Francisco, California, United States, Remote
April 2015

  • Injected posts one after the other as users scrolled to the end of each post to keep the readers engaged.
  • Increased the sites pageviews by 30% after just 1 week of implementation.


Middlesex University, UK
Film and Media
Sept 2006 – Dec 2007

Staffordshire University, UK
Film Studies
Sept 2004 – July 2005

St Paul’s Catholic School, UK
6th Form
Sept 2002 – July 2004


Founder and Head Developer – CoCart Headless, LLC
United States, Remote
August 2023 to Now

Project 1 | CoCart

Developing a WordPress plugin called CoCart, a customizable REST API for WooCommerce designed to seamlessly decouple your online store from WordPress.

It takes the pain out of developing allowing developers to freely build an eCommerce store using their favourite frameworks that they know and love. It’s currently being used by over 1,700 stores that have gone headless and has been downloaded over 73,000 times over the course of many release updates.

Project 2 | Frost API (name may change)

Developing a WordPress plugin called Frost API, that provides a no database cache system that saves your REST API GET requests into a JSON formatted file for a period of time. Once cached the response times are ridiculously fast. Perfect for people that want to build beautiful headless WordPress websites.